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Why Mobile Application Development is Important?

Basically, if we see every business has their website, but they are lacking in the mobile application. We can say that mobiles are made for the business. A user cannot carry a laptop or computer with him/her every time anywhere so that why having a mobile application is always good so that person can access it easily

Customers can access and view insights through a mobile application, and using the application is easier than a website.

Customers can access business anytime, anywhere through a mobile application

Due to mobile application customers can search, buy, and pay at any instant time.

There are lots of apps in the market which will help/makes customers work tremendously easily.

The mobile application development industry is on the side with those companies that are willing to provide the services to mobile app users which will satisfy the customers.

So basically having website development is for the corporate world due to website development the companies will attract but what about customers? They will never be able to know about the company, company product, company services, and due to this, you may be able to lose some potential customers.

 If you need to reach each customer so you need to make a mobile application.

Today Most of the customers have a smartphone with an internet connection. We can interact with customers every time through the mobile application.

Companies should have made the mobile application for the environment change of the company and for the customer’s needs.  

Let’s take an example of Amazon, Most of the sells are placed on Mobile application than the website. Amazon did survey well. They search what actually customer wants, what’s their need and they will come with an idea that every customer has a mobile and they have internet too. So why not make a mobile application. And as you know that they have a maximum sell through the mobile application than the website.

What kind of mobile application that companies have to develop

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Window
  4. Blackberry

Advantages of having a Mobile application

  1. Always engage the customers about your company product through Mobile application
  2. The company should adopt new technologies, strategies
  3. A mobile application is best to increase your customer base
  4. Due to this Company can give more services to their clients.

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Business Ideas to Invest

Due to this COVID 19, Most of the offline businesses come online. This is the time to start your business online. Here are the business ideas that will help you to understand which and why you have to start this business.

There is some business already in this market. You have to compete with them.

Here is the list of the business

  1. Pickup & Delivery
  2. E-commerce Market Place
  3. Food Delivery
  4. Grocery Delivery
  5. Medicine Delivery
  6. Healthcare Consultation


  • Pickup & Delivery-

Due to Social Distancing, the peoples have isolated themselves because of this is the hard task for large and small companies to sell their products. That’s why the Pickup and delivery is the best app for them to give the best services at their doorsteps.

  • E-commerce Market Place-

Peoples were started shopping online. They stopped going market for shopping. So here are the benefits for Ecommerce Company they should start online selling. Thanks to the digital world it will easy to buy anything online.

  • Food Delivery-

Most of the business has to shut their shutter due to COVID 19. So there is only an option for the restaurants to start their business online. Providing food through their app to the people at their doorstep.

  • Grocery Delivery-

Fear of COVID 19 stopped peoples from going to offline grocery shops. This is why here is the increase in the number of downloads in the grocery sector in recent days.

  • Medicine Delivery-

Pharmaceutical businesses play an important role during this pandemic COVID 19. Peoples isolated themselves that why it is difficult to reach medical stores so medicine delivery is the best app these days.

  • Healthcare Consultation-

Remote health care plays an important role in this crisis. It is important to take care of the patient without encouraging them to go outside for this it is necessary for healthcare professionals to reach their patients digitally.

Safe and Contactless Delivery

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, contactless delivery is the best solution for the restaurants and hotel industry.  There are still chances for an existed restaurant to promote themselves and their food online.

By using the right marketing techniques and marketing strategies, offering no-contact deliveries can help you to reach more potential customers.

If you are willing to hold the reputation of your restaurant, you might get adopted with the new technologies during this difficult situation, the contactless delivery is a must. Customers want theirs ordered to be delivered without any contact.

Till the time you have high hygiene standers in your eatery but due to COVID 19, it needs to be the same in the Delivery process.

The economy of the world is trying to recover from this pandemic but business still did not reach the state before the pandemic. So it is a period for business to grow their businesses and save the overheads for a difficult time. Restaurants face lots of problems when they rely on 3rd party food delivery services mobile applications and don’t have their own food delivery mobile application.

It is important to have your own Branded restaurant food delivery mobile application instead of using a 3rd party mobile food delivery application.

1. You can serve your customer better-

Having all in your control will help us to make a better decision and you can satisfy your customer by giving like ketchup, sauce a small treat from your side that will make the customer happy.

This gesture will not possible if you are using 3rd party mobile app for food delivery they will never according to you because you have no control over the delivery person because he is working under the 3rd party mobile delivery food application.

2. Full control over staff-

You will get all controlled over your hired staff. That will help the restaurant owner and manager to come with services; they can train their staff the way they want.

3. Access to insightful data-

Knowing your customer is very important to grow in the business sector, Restaurant have rarely access to customer data when they are working with 3rd party mobile applications. Having your own mobile application will have access to know about customer insights.

4. Customer loyalty is increased-

Restaurants agree to share their profits with the 3rd party delivery services application to attracts the new customers towards them and to gain the trust in them but there is no use of this to restaurants so having your own app will help us to gain trust towards own restaurants.

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Few more Mobile Business Ideas

Online Educational Mobile Application

We always complain about education but we cannot live without education. It is part of the human life cycle.

During this pandemic, schools were shut down. So, mobile learning helps to fight that, student loans, heavy books that we always bring to the school. Today this is replaced by affordable and useful educational apps. This idea is for schools, tuition teachers to reform their teaching skills/studying patterns with their app ideas.

Why mobile learning?

Due to this pandemic, schools were shut down, exams were canceled, the syllabus was not completed, and some of the student’s passed by their practical grades. Here is mobile learning is the best way to guide your students.

Mobile learning offers benefits such as:

  • Affordability & Accessibility :

Developing a handy mobile is not costly and you can connect several students with the help of mobile applications. Technology comes with afford to study and the ability to access. Only you need to put all the information regarding education and search for what you want to know.

  • Engagement enhancement:

Every student has a mobile with an internet connection. It is easy for the teacher to team them via a mobile application, Teacher can upload important thoughts, can give an assignment to the student, even they can take online sessions on the mobile applications.

  • Outreach:

If schools are making a mobile application so it is up to the student but Some teachers develop an application for himself, it can reach overworld too.

  • Collaboration:

The mobile application provides communication with teachers, colleagues, students, staff. Teachers can answer student's questions. Teachers can give collaborative tasks to students.

  • Continuousness:

People spend 3-5 hours daily on their smartphones. Having a mobile application anyone can learn, study whenever and wherever It turns short learning process to an ongoing and never-ending process. The mobile applications may become a daily source of learning and entertainment.

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Launch your social media app

Launch your social media app

Social media is of the important factor in Businesses. Rapid growth and development continuously open the doors of opportunities.

While making internet based life, it is important to comprehend that having a portable application is essential for an effective project. When we talk about the cost, It is all related to how big your app is. Cost and time related to the backend team.

Social media app needs to build from scratch. The app should be about an upcoming project or lifecycle. Maximum users can take advantage of this app.

The internet changed the manner in which individuals communicate with one another just as work culture and those progressions initially emerged via social media networking media sites. That is the reason informal organizations for applications are so significant.

Social media assists individuals with setting up better associations with their family and friends, and now the systems administration destinations additionally show their importance for applications.

That is the reason individuals invest a great deal of their energy internet browsing social sites, and use has just gone up with increment in the utilization of cell phones and tablets in

Mobile phones are increasingly more space among individuals when contrasted with different methods of internet access.

Importance to apps

At first, the utilization of social sites for applications can be viewed as an issue,. After this would be one more correspondence channel for dealing with a relationship with your customers.

Consistently, thousands of people share important data about their profile or their needs and requests carefully, either by a blog, on their status, in different ways, and this can wind up in producing bits of knowledge and value to enterprises.

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Launch your Branded Online Education App & Website

Launch your Branded Online Education App & Website

Schools over the globe have just shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic

Accordingly, teachers are unexpectedly confronted with the test of how to proceed with their student's training. There are a few different ways teachers can use the innovation and assets effectively accessible to help online learning and guarantee a student's still everything gets quality training.

It's important to take note that there is nobody size fits all when it comes to learning. Various groups have various needs and the assets that should be utilized are context-dependent.

With this expanded focus on digital learning, more youngsters will get to content on online. Subsequently, the greatest need for the two teachers and guardians is protecting students.

Something different for teachers to consider is that not all students approach gadgets or even an internet association. Considering this, we would urge schools to offer help, where practical, with credits and access to innovation.

Parents will be similarly as worried as teachers about school terminations, and those with more youthful youngsters will have more responsibility to help with keeping their examinations up.

There are a few advantages to online learning and with the correct information; teachers and parents can grasp these conceivable outcomes.

Education is most important and because of this pandemic, all were shut down. WOWinfotech is the best mobile application Development Company in the Nashik. Visit us once, take a demo, and build your own education Mobile application.

How a Start of Food Delivery Grow your Business.

How a Start of Food Delivery Grow your Business.

The outbreak of COVID 19 makes people's social distancing. Staying away from human contact minimizes the chances of getting affected. Due to this COVID 19 peoples faced many challenges. Due to the lockdown, all businesses were shutdown, all the restaurants are shutdown. Peoples can’t go outside; there is only one option to deliver your food with the help of a mobile application.

By seeing the situation, having a food delivery service mobile application is necessary. Food Delivery application helps you to grow business. Because of this, you can grow your customer base.

Here are some of the points that will help you to grow business.   

 Continuous supply of the essentials

Restaurants and hotels are closed if any customer ordered anything. It should be reached to the person at a given time. Food delivery without having customers is at risk. Having a mobile app you can attract more customers. They can easily order through their smartphones. This app also helps restaurants, groceries. In this pandemic, many businesses grow like Wal-Mart. Make your mobile application and start earning.


Helping people to stay indoor

As we know this COVID 19 is very dangerous. Many of us lost their life. Increasing demands of food can only be fulfilled by restaurants. Some basic points that restaurants have to look after. Hygiene your kitchen delivered the order with n given time. Do not delay for delivery, this will affect customer mindset or behavior.

Minimizing Overheads.

Due to this pandemic propels minimize their extra expenses. So whatever extra staff you have to assist staff, you won’t need this. Like to serve the food on the table this is the excessive staff. Peoples stop going to the restaurants and serving table staff we don’t need them. If you have shut down your restaurants and you want to share your services with the customer. These points will guide you.

Store Visit

You can see the effect of COVID 19 on stores. If you want to make social distancing in your store., you need a mobile app.

Take Your Business Online With Mobile Apps

Take Your Business Online With Mobile Apps.

During this though days, Peoples is not stepping out. They make social distance with others. Because of this, the ordering apps take a new turn. Offline business comes online. Here is some of the list which apps are growing day by day.

  1. Pickup and Delivery
  2. Food
  3. Grocery
  4. Agriculture
  5. Pharmacy

Due to this Covid 19 various new mobile applications come in the market, which helps users to easy their daily work routine.

  • Food

Due to this COVID 19, all hotels and restaurants were totally shut down. The peoples whoever staying outside from the hometown do not face such problems, and then you should have ordered online food mobile application. Food order application is the best for bachelors, who are facing food problems. As the COVID 19 started, you may know that food industry grown up. Food is necessary for each living being on earth. The customers have no option to go to Hotels and restaurants. You may take benefits like other food industry owners taking. Start your mobile application as early as possible.

  • Grocery

As the pandemic started, the city's market were stopped. Even peoples not ready to go outside. Peoples want social distancing from other peoples. And in this situation grocery is the most important. If you have an offline stores for a grocery shops, you have big chances to come online, and take advantage like other businessmen taking. Grocery is one of the platforms, which is important during pandemic days.

  • Agriculture

Agriculture is an important factors during pandemic days. As the GDP was decreasing, all manufacturing companies stopped. But there is only one sector that GDP increasing which is Agriculture. As we know the importance of agriculture in our life. Due to the market was closed. Farmers cannot sell their produced vegetables and fruits. So here are the best chances to earn money. You can have a mobile application where you can sell your produces vegetables and fruit.

  • Pharmacy

As the Coivid 19 patients increasing daily. Rather than going to the medical, you can order your medicine by sitting at home. Now it is very hard to check each and every patient. Doctors will help you through mobile applications.

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A Complete Healthcare Ecosystem

A Complete Healthcare Ecosystem

The number of healthcare mobile applications is increase day by day. Peoples facing various health problems. The quantity of health applications for iOS and Android has dramatically increased in the most recent years. Furthermore, this is only a starter!

However, you should remember that entering the mobile portable application market is a tricky business that requires an uncommon methodology. Not certain where to begin? At that point, our article will be helpful to you.

We will tell you about versatile and innovation patterns in the medical care industry.

Realities about healthcare applications

As indicated by the Research

In excess of 95,000 medical applications for specialists and patients are recorded in AppStore indexes;

Practically 45% of Health applications are utilizing paid plans of action

15% are focused on medical care specialists

Medical care industry development

The quantity of mobile subscribers has just surpassed 7 billion.

By 2050, 22% of the total population will have been retired. More established individuals are bound to experience the ill effects of chronic diseases and more needing medical care.

The peoples living in the countryside. Locals frequently don't approach qualified clinical help and wouldn't get distant treatment, and consequently, health following mobile applications is their essential decision.

Health frameworks are getting more costly. Development in the number of individuals on the planet broadens medical costs.

Starting prerequisites and medical services application highlights

Clinic center

Medical laboratory


Mobile applications for a healthy life

Valuable tips;

Diaries of prosperity;

Various projects (workout, calorie counting, diet control, and so on.). The arrangement of these projects relies upon the kind of a portable health application.

The most real are the accompanying ones:

Weight reduction

Fitness workout

Women’s health



Apparatuses and instruments

Medical services industry trends

1. Fitness-oriented mobile applications are the most

2. The expanding requirement for clinical applications for specialists

3. Medical services cost issue matters

WOWinfotech will help you to create your Healthcare or medical application. During this pandemic situation, the clinics, hospitals have their own medical application. Wowinfotech helps to get your mobile application as early as possible. So contact us, and get your own mobile application.

Launch Your Own Fitness Application

Launch your own fitness application

Maintain your fitness is an important factor in your life routine. Fitness is prior to peoples of every age, and gender.

Due to this pandemic, gyms were closed, and most of us don’t have proper knowledge of diet, workout plans, and personalized workouts. So to acknowledge people this fitness app will help.

Diet plan, personalized workout everything is available virtually. Gym owners, the businessman’s stepping up, and launching their own gym mobile application. You should not miss this opportunity. You also take the benefits of this golden opportunity.

The global fitness app is increasing, everyone doing a home workout. Peoples maintain social distancing after the coronavirus outbreak, the number of fitness apps gradually increasing. You can offer multiple fitness services under one mobile application.

Providing fitness mobile application

The fitness mobile application contains a lot of featured. This mobile application is to maintain users’ lifestyles. Users can do their daily workouts by using this app. The information in the app is under the guidance of trainers, health experts, and instructors.

The instructor, gym trainer will get the powerful admin panel. So it easy for him to manage the entire time schedule, and provide good fitness advice to peoples. With the help of a fitness application, you will able to do live streaming. You can upload a detailed gym session video. Because of this more users will use your fitness application.

Trainers can share the daily meal routine with the users. Users can calculate their daily calorie intake routine. Using a GPS system you can calculate time duration, speed, heart rate.

Uploading daily motivational video help out your users to workout. Users can do real-time chat, real-time voice chat. You can also add the subscription plan. Users will get a number of different payment plans. Users will get a number of promotional offers and discounts.

Because of the fitness application, peoples can do a workout at home. This is the best solution instead of going to the gym. To fit yourself, keep your immune system good, this kind of application is necessary.

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