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Brief introduction

C Languages

Starting to learn to code or to convert your logic into code, is certainly not a very easy task. But it is one of the most preferred skills of the 21st century. But every beginner should keep in mind that their motivation to learn to code should not be money, it should be personal interest towards computers and passion to work in this field.



int main()

// printf() is used to displays the string inside quotation

printf("Welcome to WOWinfotech");

return 0;



  • It is a robust language with rich set of built-in functions and operators that can be used to write any complex program.
  • The C compiler combines the capabilities of an assembly language with features of a high-level language.
  • Programs Written in C are efficient and fast. This is due to its variety of data type and powerful operators.
  • It is many time faster than BASIC.
  • C is highly portable this means that programs once written can be run on another machines with little or no modification.
  • Another important feature of C program, is its ability to extend itself.
  • A C program is basically a collection of functions that are supported by C library. We can also create our own function and add it to C library.
  • C language is the most widely used language in operating systems and embedded system development today. READ MORE


One of the most popular programming languages is C++. It has been used for a long time for creating games due to its fast execution time. It is among the languages which has fastest execution time, also it is certainly necessary for a programmer to be called as a developer to learn this language. C++ is best known as an efficient language used for creating large desktop applications. It is a very reliable and popular as well.

Example: #include

using namespace std;

int main()


cout<<"Welcome to WOWinfotech";

return 0;


  • There is Stronger Type Checking in C++.
  • All the OOPS features in C++ like Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance etc makes it more worthy and useful for programmers.
  • C++ supports and allows user defined operators (i.e Operator Overloading) and function overloading is also supported in it.
  • Exception Handling is there in C++.
  • The Concept of Virtual functions and also Constructors and Destructors for Objects.
  • Inline Functions in C++ instead of Macros in C language. Inline functions make complete function body act like Macro, safely.
  • Variables can be declared anywhere in the program in C++, but must be declared before they are used. View more


It is one of the most popular languages used by developers. This language was developed by Oracle, and currently there are more than 3 billion devices that operates on Java. It is basically present everywhere nowadays. It is also very friendly to start programming with. There were five primary goals in the creation of the Java language.

Java is widely used in every corner of world and of human life. Java is not only used in software’s but is also widely used in designing hardware controlling software components. There are more than 930 million JRE downloads each year and 3 billion mobile phones run java.

Following are some other usage of Java:

  1. Developing Desktop Applications.
  2. Web Applications like, etc.
  3. Mobile Operating System like Android.<./li>
  4. Embedded Systems.
  5. Robotics and games etc.


public class HelloWorld {

public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("Welcome to WOWinfotech") };


  • It must be "simple, object-oriented, and familiar".
  • It must be "robust and secure".
  • It must be "architecture-neutral and portable".
  • It must execute with "high performance".
  • It must be "interpreted, threaded, and dynamic". View more


PHP (recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a widely- used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. Nice, but what does that mean? It is powerful enough to be at the core of the biggest blogging system on the web (WordPress)! It is deep enough to run the largest social network (Facebook)! It is also easy enough to be a beginners first server side language!

echo "Hi, I am WOWinfotech";

  • Open Source
  • Case Sensitive
  • Simplicity
  • Efficiency
  • Platform Independent
  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Familiarity
  • Error Reporting
  • Loosely Typed Language
  • Real-Time Access Monitoring
  • Simple:It is very simple and easy to use, compare to other scripting language it is very simple and easy, this is widely used all over the world.

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