What skills are Indians learning for 2021

What skills are Indians learning for 2021?

There is a lot of skills that you can learn but as the Internshala disclosed its report of 2020. It shows the percentage of students who adapted the skills as per their future choices. Let’s see those major skills that will have a future in the upcoming years.

So these are the skills that are Indian students have learned in 2020 and now prepare for the upcoming opportunities in 2020. 26% of students have done python training. And 23% of students have done their course in digital marketing, and 22% of students have chosen web development. Ethical hacking was also popular among the 15% student and 14% enrollment respectively.

All the employees are working remotely from home and because of this the Web & Mobile application development and Digital Marketing are getting more and more popular and exist on the top of the list. Students are doing internships. More than 1 lac posting is for content writing, Social media, and Social Media Optimization (SEO) in the field of digital marketing. If we talk about the salary package for the web developer, Mobile app development, Full stack developer and Software development are approximately INR 4 LPA up to the maximum 13 LPA.

A report showing that while students presenting their resumes, 1.2 lac students have introduced python as a major skill in their resume while applying for internship and job opportunities. As the python language is easy to learn with having lots of features, versatile, high-level programming language, and more work from home opportunities. Numerous industries use python for game development, web development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, software development, etc.

Another important point that came out of the report is that total enrollment in online-based skills, 66 % are students who have an engineering or technical background this student also want to explore the non-technical fields as well.

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