Safe and Contactless Delivery

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, contactless delivery is the best solution for the restaurants and hotel industry.  There are still chances for an existed restaurant to promote themselves and their food online.

By using the right marketing techniques and marketing strategies, offering no-contact deliveries can help you to reach more potential customers.

If you are willing to hold the reputation of your restaurant, you might get adopted with the new technologies during this difficult situation, the contactless delivery is a must. Customers want theirs ordered to be delivered without any contact.

Till the time you have high hygiene standers in your eatery but due to COVID 19, it needs to be the same in the Delivery process.

The economy of the world is trying to recover from this pandemic but business still did not reach the state before the pandemic. So it is a period for business to grow their businesses and save the overheads for a difficult time. Restaurants face lots of problems when they rely on 3rd party food delivery services mobile applications and don’t have their own food delivery mobile application.

It is important to have your own Branded restaurant food delivery mobile application instead of using a 3rd party mobile food delivery application.

1. You can serve your customer better-

Having all in your control will help us to make a better decision and you can satisfy your customer by giving like ketchup, sauce a small treat from your side that will make the customer happy.

This gesture will not possible if you are using 3rd party mobile app for food delivery they will never according to you because you have no control over the delivery person because he is working under the 3rd party mobile delivery food application.

2. Full control over staff-

You will get all controlled over your hired staff. That will help the restaurant owner and manager to come with services; they can train their staff the way they want.

3. Access to insightful data-

Knowing your customer is very important to grow in the business sector, Restaurant have rarely access to customer data when they are working with 3rd party mobile applications. Having your own mobile application will have access to know about customer insights.

4. Customer loyalty is increased-

Restaurants agree to share their profits with the 3rd party delivery services application to attracts the new customers towards them and to gain the trust in them but there is no use of this to restaurants so having your own app will help us to gain trust towards own restaurants.

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