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We always complain about education but we cannot live without education. It is part of the human life cycle.

During this pandemic, schools were shut down. So, mobile learning helps to fight that, student loans, heavy books that we always bring to the school. Today this is replaced by affordable and useful educational apps. This idea is for schools, tuition teachers to reform their teaching skills/studying patterns with their app ideas.

Why mobile learning?

Due to this pandemic, schools were shut down, exams were canceled, the syllabus was not completed, and some of the student’s passed by their practical grades. Here is mobile learning is the best way to guide your students.

Mobile learning offers benefits such as:

  • Affordability & Accessibility :

Developing a handy mobile is not costly and you can connect several students with the help of mobile applications. Technology comes with afford to study and the ability to access. Only you need to put all the information regarding education and search for what you want to know.

  • Engagement enhancement:

Every student has a mobile with an internet connection. It is easy for the teacher to team them via a mobile application, Teacher can upload important thoughts, can give an assignment to the student, even they can take online sessions on the mobile applications.

  • Outreach:

If schools are making a mobile application so it is up to the student but Some teachers develop an application for himself, it can reach overworld too.

  • Collaboration:

The mobile application provides communication with teachers, colleagues, students, staff. Teachers can answer student's questions. Teachers can give collaborative tasks to students.

  • Continuousness:

People spend 3-5 hours daily on their smartphones. Having a mobile application anyone can learn, study whenever and wherever It turns short learning process to an ongoing and never-ending process. The mobile applications may become a daily source of learning and entertainment.

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