Adjoin Shop

Brief introduction

The every individuals business like promoting there products and services on online basis. Adjoin Shop is an online platform for small, medium and big shops or stores to spread out an individuals business across the globe to showcase large variety of product and integrated services. WOWinfotech has developed Adjoin Shop app.

Uses & Benefits

The process of using Adjoin Shop app is very basic , customer can create there profile for basic information like name, Email, gender, mobile no. etc. Vendors can also use this app they are firstly register the information about the personal details of self and shop, then login there panel and display the product, price, variety, offers, features, discount. etc. This app helpful to Vendors as well as customers Benefits of apps :- Adjoin shop app offers thousand of products listed in catalogues which helps vendor to established information about products. Vendors can display variety of products, price, , variety, offers, features, discount. etc. this information useful to customer choose products. Adjoin shop uses customer location to display shops available nearby. Customers want to buy certain product from nearby shops to compare prices display the lists of shops.

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