Farmrut - from farmers quality products to consumers from farmers
Farmrut - from farmers
To provide quality products to consumers from farmers is very easy via Farmrut. It's an initiative by Agrojay Innovations Pvt. Ltd. to support farmers and the end consumers. Farmrut means Farm + Amrut, Nowadays farmers' facing challenges to sell their product, and end consumers getting challenges to get fresh, organic, hygienic products. Farmrut working on a 0% commission model to provide SAS based platform for customers. Also, Farmrut working with Manufacture, Retailers, Agri equipment, FPO, and processing unit to sell their products.Farmrut started during COVID 19 pandemic outbreak to help people.

  • Key Points

1. Farmers can start their store online
2. Farmer can sell their product online
3. Customer can buy fruits, vegetables in single click


Farmrut focus on farmers and customers. Farmers can form their personal store link, which he can share on the social media. Farmers can update their product in the application. Customer can buy their products online at an affordable price.