Agrojay Innovation is a digital platform to help farmers.
Agrojay Innovation
Agrojay is digital platform to help farmers in farming. We associated 25000+ farmers and 556+ agribusiness from Maharashtra. Agribusiness can enlist with us a service provider on a SAS based model and he can utilize a framework to build his great work. Agrojay is a complete answer for the farmers for agronomy, accounting, education, update, marketing, and awareness. We are at present working from the Nashik area, particularly for farmers and agribusiness. We are offering support to 25000+ farmers and 556+ agribusiness. our as of now focused on farmers for variable products from Maharashtra, India.
The farmer can do a Smart Analysis of each action like Plot-wise Export, Plot Income, Locally sold yield, and so on. We utilize a combination of recent innovative work to guarantee our Indian Farmers can address their everyday cultivating difficulties with information and confidence. Utilizing the Agrojay application, Agricultural lab, or agriculture information store, through which, each farmer in Maharashtra can get the data that he needs for any crop.

  • Services

1.  Crop Production Consultancy
2.  Production and sale of crops
3.  Special for Farmers Developed Mobile App


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Agrojay Mobile Farm Care app provides daily temperature, rainfall, and humidity updates to farmers. The Farmers will also have access to temperature & rainfall via the mobile application. Timely alerts on extreme weather conditions like thunderstorms, hailstorms will help farmers take precautionary measures as needed and feasible. The weather information is available throughout the country.


We utilize a combination of the latest research and development to ensure our Indian Farmers can address their daily farming challenges with knowledge and confidence. Information provided would be based on the Farmer’s crops grown by Current and upcoming stages for his crop. The aim here is to provide accurate and specific advisory which can be attained by providing Irrigation preference, Date of Planting along with the Farmer’s preferred crop.